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Both long-established and emerging gelato and ice cream shops are utilizing our expertise in ingredients. We inventory the leading brands of bases, toppings, inclusions and variegates. Our distribution allows for both frozen and dry products on our company operated trucks, providing you a one-stop distributor.  Our recent membership with NICRA has expanded our reach throughout the United States. Contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

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Ice Cream Bases
Oringer IC Base Apple 6/#10
Oringer IC Base Banana Puree 46#
Oringer IC Base Bavar Cream 3/10
Oringer IC Base Blueberry 3/#10
Oringer IC Base Black Rasp 4/1G
Oringer IC Base Butter Pec 6/#10
Oringer IC Base Butterscotc 6/#10
Oringer IC Base CakeBatter 3/#10
Oringer IC Base Cheesecak12/2.5
Oringer IC Base Coconut 6/#10
Oringer IC Base Cookie Dough 4/1G
Oringer IC Base DulcedeLech3/#10
Oringer IC Base Eggnog #720
Oringer IC Base Fr Custard 6/#10
Oringer IC Base Peanut B 3/#10
Oringer IC Base PuddingFruit3/10
Oringer IC Base Red Velvet 2#10
Oringer IC Base Red Rasp 4/1G
Oringer IC Base StrawSolid 6/#10
Oringer Sorbet BaseNeutral 12/2.7

R&H IC Base Black Rasp 2/1G
R&H IC Base Caramel Fudge 2/1G
R&H IC Base Cheesecake 51#
R&H IC Base Choc Fudge Mar2/1G
R&H IC Base Dark Choc 2/1G
R&H IC Base Pumpkin 2/1G
R&H IC Base Raspberry 2/1G
R&H IC Base Strawberry 2/1G

Pastes, Colors, Stabilizers
Itaberco Blueberry Paste 5kg
Itaberco Cherry, Sour Paste5kg
Itaberco Hazelnut Paste 5kg
Itaberco Kiwi Paste 5kg
Itaberco Lemon Paste 5kg
Itaberco Pistachio Paste 5kg
Itaberco Raspberry Paste 5 kg
Itaberco Strawberry Paste 5 kg
Oringer Citric Acid 50% 1G
Oringer Color Carmel 1G
Dawn Color Red Shade 1G
Oringer Syrup Cherry 4/1G
Oringer Syrup Lime Rickey 4/1G
Oringer Syrup Simple Sugar 4/1G
Stabilizer Germantown SI 50#

Cups, Containers, Lids, Spoons, Straws
Cup-Plastic Karat 10oz Clear
Cup Plastic Karat 16 oz Clear
Cup-Souffle Paper .5 oz
Drink Carrier
Food Contain Paper 4 oz
Food Contain Paper 6 oz
Food Contain Paper 16 oz 1000
Food Contain Paper 20 oz 600ct
Food Contain Paper 32 oz 600ct
Food Contain Paper 24 oz 600ct
Food Contain Paper 12 oz Green
Food Contain Paper 16 oz Green
Food Contain Paper 20 oz Green
Food Contain Paper 12 oz Pink
Food Contain Paper 16 oz Pink
Food Contain Paper 20 oz Pink

Spoon Taster 3" 2000 ct
Spoon Green Heavy Wt 1000 ct
Spoon Orange Heavy Wt 1,000ct
Spoon Pink Heavy Wt 1000 ct
Spoon Purple Heavy Wt 1000 ct
Spoon Rainbow Heavy Wt 1000 ct
Spoon Red Heavy Wt 1000 ct
Spoon Hvy Wt Biodegrade 1000ct
Napkin Express Wh Generic 6000
Napkin 13x12 Kraft 6000 ct
Straw 7 3/4" IW Jumbo Clear
Straw 10 1/4" IW Giant Clear
Straw Boba 9" Wrapped 1600 ct
Lid- Karat 12 oz Dome 1000 ct
Lid- Karat 16 oz Dome 1000 ct
Lid- Karat 20 oz Dome 600 ct
Lid- Karat 24-32 oz Dome
Lid- Karat 8-10 oz ClearFla
Lid- Karat 16 oz Clear Flat
Lid- Karat 32 oz ClearFla
  Ice Cream Toppings
Oringer Topping Apple 3/64 oz
Oringer Topp BittesweetFudge6/#10
Oringer Topping Caramel 6/#10
Oringer Topp Peanut Butter 3/#10
Oringer Topp Pineapple 3/64 oz
R&H Topping Blueberry 2/1G
R&H Topping Caramel 2/1G
R&H Topping Cherry 2/1G
R&H Topping Blackberry 2/1G
R&H Topping Hot Fudge Ric 2/1G
R&H Topping Strawberry 2/1G

Vanilla Bean Specks 5#
Vanilla ClassicBlenExtract1G
Vanilla MB Pure Extract 1 G
Vanilla MB Pure2X Extract 1G
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Ingredients & Inclusions
Evap Cane Juice Organic 50#
Sugar White Granulated 50#
Malted Milk Powder 2.5#
Bubblegum Pieces 29.5#
Butter Toffee 30#
Cappucino Crunch 30#
Cherry Royal Bing Halves 50#
Cookie Dough Choc Chip 30#
Polar Bits Dark Choc 28#
See more items Candy Toppings

Candy Toppings
Brownie Bites 10#
Brownie Sheets 28.5 #
Butterfinger Chopped 10#
Milk Carmel Cups 10#
Caramel Salted Truffles 10#
Cheesecake Pieces 10# and 20#
Cherry Maraschino No Stem4/1 G
Choc Chip Mini Semi Sweet 25#
Choc Chip Dark Mini 10#
Chocolate Chips Milk Choc 25#
Chocolate Covered Raisins 20#
Chocolate Rocks 10#
Coconut Shredded 10#
Cookie & Cream 10# Oreo Replac
Cotton Candy Fizz 10#
Dark Raspberry Truffles 10#
Cookie Dough Eggless 10#
Cookies Frosted Animal 8#
Dark Choc Polar Bits NSA 10#
Graham Cracker Crumbs 10#
Gummi Angry Bird Fruit 30#
Gummi Army Guys 20#
Gummi Butterflies 20#
Gummi Bear Cub Minis 20#
Gummi Rainforest Frogs 20#
Gummi Sharks Blue 6/5#
Gummi Sour Poppers 18#
Gummi Worm Mini Neon SOUR 18#
Gummi FRUITI Worm Minis 2" 20#
Heath Bars Chopped 10#
Kit Kat Pieces 10#
Marshmallow Chocolate Mini 10#
M&M Mini Micro Gems 15#
Mints Chopped Andes 15#
Mochi 24/10.5 oz
Nerds 10#
Nonpareils Rainbow 10#
Nonpareils White Snowcaps 10#
Peanut Butter CHIPS Minis 25#
Peanut Butter Cups Mini 10#
Popping Boba Kiwi 4/7#
Popping Boba Mango 4/7#
Popping Boba Pineapple 4/7#
Popping Boba PassionFru 4/7#
Popping Boba Pomegranate 4/7#
Popping Boba Strawberry 4/7#
Reese's PB Cups Chopped 10#
Reese PB Cups WHOLE 20#
Reese's Pieces Minis 25#
Skittles 15#
Sour Patch Kids 30#
Snickers Chopped 10#
Sprinkles Blue DDA 6#
Sprinkles Carnival Kerry 6#
Sprinkles Chocolate 10#
Sprinkles Green DDA 6#
Sprinkles Orange DDA 6#
Sprinkles Rainbow 10#
Sprinkles Red DDA 6#
Sprinkles White DDA 6#
Twix 10#
Wafer Straws Chocolate 6/120
Waffle Pieces Milk Choc 10#
White Chocolate Chips 10#
Yogurt Chips Mini 10#
Yogurt Pretzels 10#
Oringer Var Black Rasp 2/11#
Oringer Var Blueberry 2/11#
Oringer Var ButterCreamFros 2/10#
Oringer Var Carmel 2/11#
Oringer Var Graham Cracker 2/11#
Oringer Var Marshmallow 2/11#
Oringer Var Salty Carmel 2/11#
Oringer Var Strawberry 2/11#

Cocoa, Extracts, Flavorings
Cocoa Jet Black 50#
Cocoa Dutched Medium 50#
Almond Extract 1 G
CremeDeMenth Flav 1Qt
Lemon Extract 1 G
Espresso Flavor 1G
Orange Extract 1 G
Peppermint Extract 1 G

Cones & Related
Oringer Topp WaffleConeDip 3/#10
Cone Coating R&H Choc 2/1G
Cones Cake #30 No Jacket
Cones Sugar #310 No Jac 800 ct
Cones Waffle 6228 Reg No Jacket
Cones Waffle 7180 Large Jacket
Waffle Bowl Joy 60 ct
Cones Joy Kid's Sampler
Waffle Cone Mix Vanilla 30#
Waffle Cone Mix Old World 50#

Ice Cream Buckets
Bucket Ropak D124 3Gal 40 ct
Lid Ropak D1D0 9 3/4" 200 ct
Bucket Ropak DO64 1.5 Gal 60ct

Granola, Nuts, More Toppings
Granola Natures Path Hemp 25#
Granola Low Fat 7.5#
Granola Udi's Glut Free 6/12
Nuts Almonds Sliced 5#
Nuts Peanuts Granulated 30#
Nuts Pecan Pieces 5#
Nuts Walnut Pieces 5#
Topping Lyons Butterscotc 6/#5
Hot Fudge HersheyMilkChoc6/#10
Chocolate Syrup Hershey 6/#10
Syrup Caramel Hershey's 6/#10
Topping Lyons Malo Cream 6/#5
Topping Lyons Strawberry 6/#5
Topping Peanut Butter Sauce27#
Topping Lyons Caramel 12/15oz
Topping Lyons Chocolate12/16oz
Topping Lyons Raspberry12/15oz
Topping Lyons WhiteChoc12/16oz
Caramel Sauce Ghirarde 6/90 SP
Choc FlavSauce Ghirar6/87 SP
White Choc Sauce Ghirar6/89 SP

Cleaning, Sanitation
Cleaner Multi Purpose 180 pack
Lube Petrol Gel 12/4 oz box
Gloves Vinyl Medium PF 1000 ct
Gloves Vinyl Large PF 1000 ct
Gloves Vinyl Xtra Large 1000ct
Sanitizer Bleach 3/3.78 qt
SanitizerMilkSt.Remover 4/32oz
Scouring Pad Sponge 10 pc
Dish Gloves Flock Lined
Towel Multifold Kraft 4000 ct
Trash Bags 30 G White LD .9ml
Trash Bags 45G Black LD 1.2ml
Register Rolls 3 1/8x220

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